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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1:  I want to know how Manulife Cambodia can help to protect my family financially; to plan for my retirement, or to plan for my children education?

Q.2:  Can Manulife professional life insurance advisor contact me?

Q.3:  What products that Manulife Cambodia offer to customers?

Q.4:  What is the “21 day free-look period” ?

Q.5:  What is temporary insurance?

Q.6:  What are my different options for paying premiums?

Q.7:  Can I pay policy premium at Manulife office?


Q.8:  Can I know more about Manulife Critical Illness Benefits?


  Q.1:  I want to know how Manulife Cambodia can help to protect my family financially; to plan for my retirement, or to plan for my children education??

Please dial our Customer Service hotline 023 965 999 or email us via or inbox your phone number to Manulife Cambodia official Facebook page (




    Q.2:  Can Manulife professional life insurance advisor contact me?

         Call our Customer Service hotline and we will arrange one of our professional Insurance Advisor to contact you.



    Q.3:  What products that Manulife Cambodia offer to customers?

We currently offer 6 products such as:

  1. Manulife Family Protector
  2. Manulife Savings Protector
  3. Manulife Education Protector
  4. Manulife Homeloan Protector
  5. Manulife Group Protector
  6. Manulife Group Protector for Group Credit Life


We also offer Manulife Critical Illness Benefit as additional benefit to the Savings and Education Protector.




  Q.4:  What is the “21 day free-look period”?

The Policyowner can cancel the insurance policy if he/she sends the request in writing to the Company within 21 (twenty one) days from the date of signing the Policy Contract Receipt. Premium paid will be refunded, and any medical examination cost will be deducted from the refund .



 Q.5:  What is temporary insurance?
Upon first submission of application together with full initial premium, life insured is covered under ‘Temporary Insurance Agreement’. If life insured passes away when the temporary life insurance is still effective, the Company will pay an amount subject to term and conditions as shown on Initial Premium Receipt.



 Q.6:  What are my different options for paying premiums?

When buying life insurance from Manulife, you have many flexible payment options such as CASH, BANK TRANSFER, CHEQUE, CASH DEPOSIT, MOBILE PAYMENT-WING, INTERNET TRANSFER, OR a secure funds transfer directly from your checking or saving account are also options.





   Q.7:  Can I pay policy premium at Manulife office?

Yes, the life insured or policyowner can come to our Office to pay premium.
Please bring your ID card or passport.  
The cash payment is limited to USD 3,000. If premium payment is over USD 3,000, please bring a cheque.





   Q.8:  Can I know more about Manulife Critical Illness Benefits?

1. What is Critical Illness Benefit?

- Critical Illness (CI) Benefit is a kind of protection coverage that will pay a lump sum amount when you are first diagnosed with any CI conditions listed under the policy.

- This CI Benefit is attached with Education and Endowment plan.


2. Why do I need to buy CI Benefit?

- CI Benefit will help you to lessen your concern on critical illness treatment.

- Maturity benefit of your basic plan keeps the same.


3. What types of critical illnesses are covered under CI Benefit?

- We cover 14 covered events (7 covered events for early CI and 7 covered for major CI) as stated in the table below:

Critical Illness

Early CI

Major CI


Carcinoma in situ and Other Early Cancers Specified Organs Carcinoma in situ

Major Cancer


Insertion of a Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker or Defibrillator

Heart Attack


Coronary Angioplasty

Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery


Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) / Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery

Major Stroke


Liver Surgery

End Stage Liver Failure


Surgical Removal of One Lung

End Stage Lung Disease


Nephrectomy / Removal of one Kidney

Kidney Failure


4. Why does Manulife only cover 14 covered events? 

- The reason why Manulife only covers 14 covered events because according to the research on health profile in Cambodia, it is shown that these diseases are the most common critical illnesses happening nowadays. Moreover, we also keep studying in order to provide more critical illnesses conditions coverage in the future.

5. Is it necessary to get CI Benefit when I have already had health insurance coverage?

- We recommend you to have CI Benefit because it is like an additional protection on top of your health insurance. With the lump sum amount of CI Benefit, you can take care of all other financial needs and obligations related to your illness.

- Below are the key benefits of CI Benefit:

- Cover 14 covered events with the Face Amount up to $100,000,

- Early CI payout is 50% of Face Amount with maximum of $25,000,

- All future premiums will be waived after Major CI Benefit is paid out, and your policy is still inforce,

- Ensure that maturity benefit of Education and Saving Protector keep the same, and Worldwide coverage.


6. Who are eligible to purchase CI Benefit?

- The customers whose age range from 18-55 years old.


7. How can I purchase CI Benefit?

- You can purchase CI Benefit from our Insurance Advisers and Insurance Specialists, visit us at the nearest location, or contact our Customer Centre Hotline at 023 965 999.


8. How much coverage can I purchase?

- The coverage of CI Benefit is up to $100,000.


9. Are CI Benefit payments made directly to me or my health care provider?

- CI Benefit payment is paid directly to you.


10. If I have diagnosed with early critical illness during the policy, can I claim Major CI Benefit later?

- First of all, you can claim Early CI Benefit. Then, you can claim Major CI Benefit once you meet all the criterion of major critical illness stated in policy contract. After that, all the future premiums will be waived, and your policy still keeps inforce.


11. If I have diagnosed with more than one early critical illness, can I claim all of them?

- You can only make one claim for Early CI Benefit, and another claim for Major CI Benefit.

- For example, life insured is first diagnosed with early breast cancer; then, Manulife pays for Early CI Benefit. Years later, upon she is diagnosed with another major cervical cancer, Manulife will pay Major CI Benefit less Early CI Benefit paid out.


12. Can I get treatment outside Cambodia?

- You can get treatment outside Cambodia because the coverage of CI Benefit is worldwide.


13. Once I am diagnosed with any critical illness conditions, when can I get CI Benefit?

- You can get CI Benefit after submitting all required documents and conditions which meet all claim criteria.

- For more detail related with claim process, please refer to question #20.


14. How can I make claim?

- Below table illustrates claim process of CI Benefit:





  1. Contact us for to notify your claim.



  1. Notify your Insurance Advisor or our Customer Centre Hotline at 023 965 999
  2. Visit us  at the nearest location
  3. Email us at:

Note: A written notice of CI Benefit claim must be within thirty (30) days from the date the critical illness was first diagnosed.


  1. We will assist in completing required Manulife Forms provided.



  1. Submit all the completed forms provided
  2. Laboratory reports confirming the diagnosis and operation report
  3. All other relevant medical reports e.g. histopathology report, ECG report, biopsy report, CT Scan/MRI Scan/PET Scan results, etc.



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