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What is Manulife Group Credit Life?


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Manulife Group Credit Life is part of the Manulife Group Protector product. It is designed to provide loan protection and peace of mind for the creditor and borrower1 should the untimely death or total disability occurs before the loan is fully paid off.


Manulife Group Credit Life Benefits:



What are the Features?

Issue Age

18 to 55 Years Old


Death Benefit or Total Disability Benefit for all causes*

Covered Amount

Loan balance as of applied date

$2,000 (8 million riel) up to $20,000 (80 million riel)3



Coverage Term

Renew Every year2

Covered Loan Types




How Does It Work?


1. Mr. Som chose Manulife Group Credit Life to protect his Business Loan with Sathapana Bank of $20,000 for 5 years with a premium of $130 per year4.

2. Unfortunately, in the third year, Mr. Som passes away with his outstanding loan of $13,600. Following this event, Manulife will pay out the coverage amount of $20,000 to pay for his loan to Sathapana Bank of $13,600 and the leftover of $6,400 to his family5.



1 The Principle Borrower is the Life Insured.

2 Terms and Conditions applied (details are stated in Policy Contract)

3 In case total loan amount is more than 80 Million KHR or 20,000 USD, the maximum coverage for one Life Insured is capped at 80 Million KHR or 20,000 USD only.

4 Approximate premium. (Mr. Som has to pay for the following years to get protection against the rest of loan.)

5 Manulife shall pay the benefits upon death or total disability to Sathapana Bank and excess amount (if any) to borrower or his/her family.



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