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Has your Home Loan been protected yet?



What is Manulife Home Loan Protector?

Manulife Home Loan Protector is designed to be used in conjunction with mortgage loan to provide your family with a comfort of having a home in case there is any unfortunate event*** happens. The benefit is paid in case of the life insured's Death or Total Disability to settle your outstanding mortgage loan. The minimum amount you can choose is $20,000.


Manulife Home Loan Protector

One-time premium payment
Flexible coverage terms from 3 to 20 years

Comprehensive coverage (Death or total disability)

Premium can be financed by the bank*
Special offers from issuing bank*


Special Features of Manulife Home Loan Protector

Issue Age

18 - 60 years (Age last birthday)

Maximum Issue Age

65 years (Age last birthday)


Single Premium

Policy Term

3 - 20 years

Minimum Face Amount

$ 20,000


Assigned bank to cover the outstanding loan, with the remaining balance (if any) will be paid to the beneficiary or Life Insured

Premium Payment Method

Cash, Bank, or Wing


How Manulife Home Loan Protector Works**

Ms. Rathana, 28 years old, buys a house, and purchases for Manulife Home Loan Protector plan.

Home Loan

Term of Loan

Sum Assured for


Premium Payment


USD 50,000

10 years

USD 50,000

10 years

One time payment of USD 900 only


Four years into paying off her home loan, an unfortunate event*** happens to Ms. Rathana.

Plan Payout

Outstanding Loan

USD 41,427

USD 40,637

(Which her family can use the payout amount to settle home loan and the remaining amount will be paid to her family)




Important Note:
*Financing and Special offer subject to the issuing bank
**The above is only an illustration of the benefits of Manulife Home Loan Protector. For more information, please contact our hotline.
***Unfortunate event means death or total disability, and it is subject to terms and conditions.


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