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At Manulife, we understand your need to protect your family. This is why we have introduced various range of life protection plans for you. These plans provide life protection for a specified period of time at economic costs to best suit your needs. 

Manulife Cambodia offers a wide forward-thinking products and services:


Manulife Education Protector

Manulife Family Protector

Manulife Home LoanProtector

In today’s working environment, a quality education is important for your child to have a bright future and a rewarding career. As a parent, you would want to provide the best education for your children.

Life is full of love and commitments. Providing financial security to our loved ones is definitely the major commitment of life for most people. What can be more effective than to demonstrate your love and commitment to your family by means of getting life insurance plans?

The dream of owning your home is what many people share and go after. As with every new home, it is a big and long-term financial commitment. We understand that you have worked hard and have a desire to prepare the best future for your family and loved ones. But life is full of changes and surprises.

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Manulife Savings Protector


Manulife Group Protector for Group Credit Life


Manulife Group Protector


A lasting gift of Wealth and Protection! A combination of protection and savings to dispel your worries about financial and unexpected risks in life, enjoy peace of mind and happiness with your loved ones.

Manulife Group Credit Life is part of the Manulife Group Protector product. It is designed to provide loan protection and peace of mind for the creditor and borrower should the untimely death or total disability occurs before the loan is fully paid off.

Retaining talent while growing business is a very challenging task for every company in Cambodia. Companies can now increase employee’s loyalty by providing comprehensive protection such as the Manulife Group Protector to their staff and families, thereby helping them with their big financial decisions.

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