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Manulife organizes a seminar to help Women protecting their health and their future financial planning

hnom Penh – The Canadian based life insurance Company Manulife Cambodia celebrates Women’s Day by launching a seminar on “How to protect your health and your financial goals” addressed to more than 200 female pariticpants to advise them on how to protect their health from female diseases and also how to financially plan for their family’s future.

At the launch event, Mr. Robert Elliott, CEO & GM of Manulife Cambodia emphasized: “Today is a memorable day for everyone around the world as we all celebrate the strengths and achievements of women. It’s an occasion to celebrate the contribution women have made in society and daily life as well as to Cambodia’s development. In this spirit, today’s seminar will help them to understand more on how they can protect from diseases. It will not only help them to be prepared and protect their health but also to plan ahead for their future finanacial goals.”

With a population of 14 millions, Cambodia has more than 7 millions women, representing more than 50 percent of the population, according to, “Population Projection for Cambodia 2008-2030”. Beyond that, women play an important role in the family and have a great impact on society development. Helping women protecting their health and their future financial goals is one of Manulife Cambodia’s missions. Since the official opening of its office in Phnom Penh in June 2012, Manulife Cambodia has been committed to help Cambodians secure their financial goals, as well as its effort to help build stronger more resilient communities.

On this occasion, participants were happy and enjoyed the discussion with Doctor Ly Cheng Huy, health expert who has shared his experience and advice on the basic female’s diseases and how to protect