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មេនូឡាយហ្វ៍ ជីវិតខ្ញុំ

Live the same way, Today and Tomorrow with “មេនូឡាយហ្វ៍ជីវិតខ្ញុំ”


WHY មេនូឡាយហ្វ៍ជីវិតខ្ញុំ?

គម្រោង “មេនូឡាយហ្វ៍ជីវិតខ្ញុំ” is a whole life product which provides a life time protections to customers until age 100. While the Life Insured is alive, this product provides regular and guaranteed cash payment. Premium payments stop after the Life Insured attained age 65.


■ Provide a life time and comprehensive protections until the age 100.

■ No premium payment require after the age 65.

■ Provide regular and guaranteed cash payment for life, to provide for all financial needs.


Manulife provides sound advice, sound decisions. For more information about គម្រោងមេនូឡាយហ្វ៍ជីវិតខ្ញុំ, please contact our Customer Service via 023 965 999 or Contact Us.




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