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Words from our Customers

Life insurance can ensure the future of your children’s education! 

life insurance in cambodia - manulife cambodia -Manulife_Cambodia_Customer_Kunthy and Tola


Kunthy Khat (Husband) and Tola Chhun (Wife)

Kunthy is a marketing professional for a company in Phnom Penh, and he also has a modern music band for different occasions. Tola is a housewife and looks after the two children at home. They purchased Manulife Education Protector for their two children. 

The first few times that Manulife’s insurance advisor approached us, we rejected because we never heard about life insurance before in Cambodia. Moreover, the company just entered the market which I needed to understand more of what it is doing and how I can trust the company. We spent half a year to get to know what life insurance is and how it impacts the future of our family. During that time, we attended Manulife’s education seminar and our doubt about the company’s profile had been cleared away by practical examples of how the company has served millions of its customers worldwide. And then, we decided to get a savings plan for the future education of our two daughters. Now, we’re very confident that no matter what happens, our children can still go to school and graduate without financial concern! 

Life insurance can give you peace of mind, as the financial future of your beloved ones has been protected!

life insurance in cambodia - manulife cambodia -Manulife_Cambodia_Customer_Sambath and Danich


Sambath Bun (Husband) and Samdanich Som (Wife)

Sambath is a professional musician and he also has his own music band. Danich, Sambath’s wife, is a Graphic Design student and housewife. They purchased Manulife’s Savings Protector to protect the financial future of their family.


“After attending Manulife’s public seminar about life insurance and listening to its insurance advisor, I spent a week to discuss with my wife before deciding to purchase a savings plan for my family. The main reason that encourages us to buy the product is the company’s reputation for 130 years in the world. More importantly, life is unpredictable and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow! Life insurance doesn’t help us to predict the future but it gives me peace of mind because I know that if something happens, my family will be protected!” said Sambath Bun.