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Terms of Use

1. Definition:

1.1. Manulife Cambodia PLC is the first international life insurance company in Cambodia since June 28, 2012.

1.2. ManulifeMOVE is a behavioural linked program encouraging users to get healthier and earn rewards and incentives from ManulifeMOVE and its program partners. ManulifeMOVE is owned and organized by Manulife Cambodia (Manulfie (Cambodia) PLC) (hereinafter referred to as "Program" or "ManulifeMOVE")

2. ManulifeMOVE Program

2.1. Conditions of eligibility for the ManulifeMOVE program

2.1.1. General users are those who download, register and use applications of  ManulifeMOVE (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Users");

2.1.2. Users have signed up for an account and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Manulife Cambodia;

2.1.3. Users successfully registered an account on ManulifeMOVE Cambodia application (the email account used to register on ManulifeMOVE Cambodia has been verified)

2.2 ManulifeMOVE Rewards and Incentives

2.2.1. Manulife Rewards and incentives partners are official to Manulife Cambodia which indicated to Manulife Loyalty program & ManulifeMOVE base on both parties' agreement.

2.2.2. The Manucard Offers listed in MOVE application are for exisitng policy holders only.

2.2.3. The benefits of the program can only be used for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

2.2.4. In some cases of force majeure such as partners changing products / services, partners discontinuing business or no longer able to provide products / services and associated incentives ..., Manulife reserves the right to terminate cooperation with that partner and stop applying their offers in the ManulifeMOVE program.

2.2.5. Manulife Cambodia is not responsible for any damage or loss arising as a direct or indirect consequence of the use of any products or services provided by ManulifeMOVE's partners or in the event that the partner ceases to provide services due to the above force majeure circumstances.

3. Termination of ManulifeMOVE member benefits

3.1. Manulife terminates the membership account by including but not limited to the following:

3.2. Customers profit or misuse the Program's incentives, rewards or benefits, and / or do anything that harms Manulife's interests, and / or violates or is likely to breach ManulifeMOVE Terms and Conditions of Use of the ManulifeMOVE Mobile Application, and / or the "ManulifeMOVE Rewards and Incentives".

4. Other Important Information

4.1. Provide information

4.1.1. The user’s information provided for ManulifeMOVE program is on a voluntary basis and this information is used only for the purpose of participating and enjoying preferences such as rewards calculation, fulfilment, in-app display and alert to help customers keep on track with activities in the program. The user also agree that the information provided by user will not be considered as information for the insurance contract between Manulife and the user who is Manulife's customer.

4.1.1. Manulife will not be responsible for including, but not limited to, the services or products provided by a partner, including but not limited to the assurance of the quality of services, products, merchantability and aesthetics. Manulife will not be responsible for losses or damages directly or indirectly related to the ManulifeMOVE program, information, software, products, services or content from the ManulifeMOVE program, or transactions resulting from the ManulifeMOVE program. the user chooses, done with a third party service provider, if any, with a preference that the partner offers through ManulifeMOVE.

4.1.3. Manulife will not be responsible for ManulifeMOVE program interruptions or for the delay or discontinuation of user rights arising out of circumstances beyond Manulife's control.

4.1.4. Manulife is not responsible for any information, content on information sites and social networks of partners and third parties.

4.2 Disclosure of information

4.2.1. In order for ManulifeMOVE-related services to be provided to you, it will be necessary for Manulife to collect, use and share certain personal data about users. User's information is used for the following purposes: - To design new and enhance existing products to be provided under ManulifeMOVE and partners; - To enrich our understanding of user groups through analysis including but not limited to customer segmentation, activity and performance measurement; - To recommend products and services that might be interest to user; - To build Manulife analytic capabilities for refining the underwriting and claim experience only.

4.2.2. Any activity or medical-related personal information user provide as part of user's ManulifeMOVE membership will not be used in the making of any future underwriting or claims decisions provided by Manulife.

4.2.3. All above will be applicable to both customers and prospects.

4.3. Indemnity

4.3.1. We recommend that Users consult with their physician before following health instructions from the ManulifeMOVE program, our websites, information channels and social networks and our partners or entities. We are not a health professional and do not have the expertise to diagnose, test, or qualify to treat any medical condition, or confirm the effectiveness of medical exercises. . The ManulifeMOVE program is not designed to provide expert advice, diagnoses, treatment or management of care in the event that a User has an abnormal medical examination. Users should not alter or discontinue support or treatment that may be obtained from the basic information provided regarding benefits, devices, services, Available software or tools intended for access or use without first consulting a physician. The information provided by the ManulifeMOVE program is for general information only and may not respond to the user's current status and that information may be changed. If the User has any health-related questions, please call or see a doctor. If the User experiences an emergency, call a physician immediately.

4.3.2. If the User feels unwell or uncomfortable during exercise or exercise, the user should stop immediately and see a doctor for advice. Do not delay seeing a doctor for advice because of the information you read on our website, media channels and social networks. Current health and fitness studies may affect the information Manulife provide, and exercise suggestions may not be based on these new development studies. Manulife will not be liable for losses and / or damages resulting from participation in physical training or fitness programs, and information provided or shared. on Manulife's website, social media channels.

4.4. Governing law

4.4.1 These Terms and Conditions are made in Khmer and English. If there is a conflict between the two languages, the Khmer version shall prerail.