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Protection up to USD 50,000 by open Fixed Deposit with J Trust Royal Bank

Terms and conditions

  1. Campaign period: 1 February – 30 April 2023 (both date inclusive) or the full use of Cash Amount/Cashback, whichever is earlier.
  2. Customer eligibility:
    • Customer who opens new deposit account with J Trust Royal and buys insurance products from Manulife Cambodia.
    • Only applicable for annual premium payment mode insurance product.
    • Insurance Policy have to be issued 2 weeks by Manulife after the campaign period have been passed.
  3. Minimum term deposit of USD 10,000 or KHR 40,000,000 (applicable for both USD & KHR)
  4. Term Deposit (TD) tenor is 1 year
  5. Eligible for individual customer only, including staff and their immediate family members.
  6. Each customer eligible for ONE (1) Cashback amount ONLY during campaign period.
  7. Insurance Products Eligibility
    • Manulife Savings Protector
    • Manulife Education Protector
    • Manulife Boribo
    • Manulife Family Protector

Benefits of the campaign

  • Customer is eligible to get both competitive interest rate from J Trust Ryal Bank and Cash Back from Manulife Cambodia.
  • Competitive interest rate from J Trust Royal Bank up to 5.25% per annum for USD and up to 5.75% per annum for KHR.
  • Customer will get cashback as listed below following the fixed deposit amount. Cashback is eligible for customer who purchase insurance plan from Manulife Cambodia.
  • Cashback up to USD500 based on below criterion:

Term Deposit Amount

Cash Amount / Cashback

USD 10,000 to < USD 50,0000 USD 100
USD 50,000 to < USD 100,0000 USD 200
USD 100,000 & Above USD 500


  • Customer is required to pay full insurance premium amount based on the insurance package preferred.
  • Eligible Cashback amount (to be credited by Manulife Cambodia) will be given to customer 7 working days after freelook period (21 days from the sign date of the Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Policy Contract or from the acknowledgement date of receipt of the Electronic Policy Contract) of the insurance policy. In the event that Policy cancelled during freelook period, Customer will not receive cashback from this campaign.
  • In case of premature terminate/cancel of the Term Deposit (after policy enforced), cancellation fee of Term Deposit is applied, and customer is required to pay back the cash amount/Cashback to the Bank which will be deducted from Term Deposit amount.
  • In case of conflict between these terms and conditions and “Transaction and Deposit Accounts Terms and Conditions”, other than in a case specifically stated in these terms and conditions, the provision of the “Transaction and Deposit Accounts Terms and Conditions” shall prevail.
  • The Customer gives full consent to the Bank for disclosure of his/her personal information to Manulife Cambodia for insurance purposes. This personal information includes name, last name, gender, date of birth, occupation, passport or identification document details, address, contact details, bank account number and information about the Customer’s term deposit.
  • The Customer understands and agrees that the personal information disclosed by the Bank to Manulife Cambodia will be stored by Manulife Cambodia and can be used for marketing activities and/or for offering of other Manulife products and services, and the Bank bears no responsibility or control on the usage of the personal information by Manulife Cambodia, and its confidentiality.
  • The Customer agrees to be directly contacted by Manulife Cambodia to receive the insurance policy and other related documents, if any, and understands that the relationship between the Bank and Manulife Cambodia is that of independent parties and shall not be deemed to be any of agency or joint venture. Any communication, complaints, disputes related to the insurance shall be settled between the Customer and Manulife Cambodia.
  • The Bank is responsible for term deposit opening and repayment of principal and interest at maturity and bears no responsibility for the insurance, including its issuance, claims under it and any other insurance related matters. The Bank’s role and sole obligation is to refer the depositor to Manulife Cambodia for further processing and issuance of insurance policy.
  • Information about the insurance coverage, eligibility, exclusions, claim processing and other details can be found in the Manulife Cambodia website: Bank was not and is not involved and is not responsible for the insurance terms and conditions, including eligibility, documentation, claims, dispute resolution and other matters which are solely established and regulated by Manulife Cambodia. 

Manulife Cambodia shall retain its right to change, cancel or modify any rule in the interest of fairness and/or to meet new or unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.

For more information, please contact our Insurance Specialist for the free consultation or call to 1800 211 211.

How to claim

To claim, you or the beneficiary can come to the nearest Manulife Office or contact us at 1800 211 211 / email