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Receive a more affordable and flexible protection plan 

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From today until 31st January 2022, you will be able to access our special offers to purchase life insurance products:

  • Starting from US$60 (Semi-annual premium) for Manulife Family Protector
  • Starting from US$200 (Semi-annual premium) for Manulife Savings Protector and Manulife Education Protector.

Enjoy this affordable and exclusive offer with the following benefits:

Manulife Family Protector

High coverage

  • Receive up to USD 1 million in case of unfortunate events caused by accidents.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Death
  • Total disability

Manulife Savings Protector and Manulife Education Protector

Get both savings and protection for your loved ones in one plan

  • Receive 100% of your total savings target, plus dividends at maturity,
  • Receive up to 1200% of the amount that is covered for, in case of unfortunate events,

Get access to very comprehensive coverage include

  • Death
  • Total Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospitalization

Terms and conditions

1. This campaign is open to all customers (both new and existing customers) who buy either or both cases above starting from today until January 31st, 2022

2. The campaign starts from today until January 31st, 2022 only for:

  • Manulife Family Protector: the minimum face amount is $20,000 and the payment starts from $60 depending on the age or gender.
  • Manulife Savings Protector and Manulife Education Protector: the minimum face amount is $5,000 and the payment starts from $200 depending on the age, gender, and the riders attached.

3. Only New Cases submitted between today - January 31st, 2022 will be eligible for the campaign. Any case submitted after the specified campaign period shall be invalid.

4. Last day of submission is January 31st, 2022 before 10 pm.

5. Other conditions do not mention above remain the same as the original feature of the products.

6. Manulife Cambodia shall retain its right to change, cancel or modify any rule in the interest of fairness and/or to meet new or unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.

For more information, please contact our Insurance Advisors or Insurance Specialist for the free consultation or fill out the form below.

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