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Message from CEO, Justin Helferich

Welcome to the first edition of Manulife Cambodia Newsletter! 

The last seven years have been a successful journey for Manulife Cambodia as well as for the life insurance industry in the kingdom. ​

After entering the market in 2012 as the first international life insurance company, we are still passionate about our commitment to help build a better financial future for Cambodian families, and we are very thankful for the trust that more than 110,000 Cambodians have put in us.

Responding to our growing customer base and rising need of financial protection knowledge, our team has created this newsletter to provide our customers and the public with our key activities as well as useful tips that will help them plan for healthier life and long-term financial goal.

One of our major achievements throughout the past seven years is our ability to help raise public awareness towards this new industry through education seminars and various marketing activities. Besides having more than 130,000 people attending those seminars, we’ve got nearly 90% of brand awareness meaning that almost all of our target population knows Manulife.

On behalf of Manulife Cambodia, I want to thank some important groups of people who are key enablers of our success:

  • Customers: for allowing us to protect their financial future and I can guarantee that we are going to continue putting our customers at the center of everything we do.
  • Staff & insurance advisors: for working so hard to drive the business and make life insurance accessible for Cambodians across the country.
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance: For continuously supporting Manulife Cambodia as well as the life insurance industry since the beginning.
  • Bancassurance partners: for helping us to reach out to their customers and provide them with our products and services. 
  • CSR partners: For working collaboratively with us to help the underprivileged community in Cambodia.


You will be able to find a lot more information related to our customers, company and the industry in this first newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and please stay tuned to the second edition!

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