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Welcome to Manulife Careers

Manulife is more than a workplace!

At Manulife, everyone is given a career that brings challenge and opportunity to everyone to broaden their flexibility to achieve their goals. To promote the idea of “Manulife is more than a workplace”, we are not only developing career path planning and guideline program for our employees but also enlarge their performance and initiative ideas while discovering their hidden potentials with the impactful and transformative work.

We have set bold ambitious target to be the best employer of choice for our employees and to attract the top talent candidates in the market. To achieve this target, we have introduced new values of:

  1. Obsess about customers: We prioritize customer needs and pain points as the center of everything we do.
  2. Do the right thing: We build respect, dignity and integrity in our culture across the globe.
  3. Think big: We encourage and empower our team to take challenges and expose themselves out of the comfort zone.
  4. Get it done together: We collaborate and work together to achieve our common goals.
  5. Own it: We take charge and be proactive to our customers.
  6. Share your humanity: we see diversity and inclusion as essential to driving the customer-centric innovation we strive for

Shape your future

We are working hard to create the working place where each and individual employee feel like working at Manulife is very rewarding opportunity. The job that challenging but rewarding, and at times required extra efforts and commitments, but the outcome was worth the price.

In here, we treat every employee as a leader in their own role; they are empowered to be passionate in their profession, creative and differentiate themselves from the status quo. We also received a positive feedback from employee survey mentioning about ‘Manulife is the great place to nurture the young professional leaders from the diverse background in the inclusion environment.

From time to time, we are working harder than ever to develop deeper, more powerful connections with our customers, and ensure that our brand reflects this clearly. At the same time, we are transforming Marketing into a magnet which can attract top talent with the skills and attitude necessary to deliver on our business strategy.

Recruitment Process


We consider applications from different channels before and on the closing date of the job advertisement including potential resumes in our current CV pool/pipeline.


All applications shall be evaluated and matched with the job requirements. First round/screening interviews may be conducted to assess candidates' potential for the job by Recruitment team and/or Hiring Managers.


Only short-listed candidates from the screening process shall be selected for interviews with hiring managers. Video/voice conference interviews may be conducted for some positions, as required by our Regional/Corporate Offices. Assessments may include testing and background checks.


We offer competitive salaries and benefit packages. Recruitment team will liaise with the successful candidates on the starting date and other necessary pre-employment process.

For more opportunities, please APPLY NOW to find out more on our  Workday portal. Alternatively, you can also share your profile with us by drop your preferred position below.


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    A chance to win Apple Watch!

    Add “Child Protection Benefit” or “Manulife MediCash” today to have a chance to win Apple Watch offering from now till October 20, 2020. Learn more

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