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Every day better

Manulife launches “Every day better” campaign to inspire Cambodians to enjoy their lives while the future is secured.

Each day, a lot of people face decisions about their future, education, healthcare, investment. Those decisions get even more complicated and cause significant concern because tomorrow is never predictable. Today, Manulife is proud to launch “Every day better “campaign to inspire people in making simple decisions and enjoy every moment by moving the financial risk and burden from them to Manulife.

Life is full of beautiful moments which are meant to be enjoyed. We all wish those moments would last long or reoccur again in the future. However, the efforts and sacrifices we make every day to exchange for a better future of our family and children is not promising- thing can change in a blink. Today, we should cherish the quality times we have with our family – family dinner by the pool, taking kids to school, celebrating graduation or witnessing your children’ sporting competition etc- and the only way we can enjoy it every day is when tomorrow is prepared and protected. “Every day better” campaign is Manulife’s aspiration to inspire people to make every moment count while being able to count on the company for the financial security and peace of mind in the event of an untimely tragedy. This campaign is Manulife’s continued commitment to protect Cambodian families and to aspire them to enjoy today, knowing tomorrow is covered.

Manulife is the first wholly foreign-owned life insurance company in the kingdom and is highly passionate about its commitment to help build a healthier and better financial future for Cambodian families. More than 120,000 families in Cambodia have been protected by the company since 2012. Manulife provides you and your family the most suitable financial protection solutions that can ensure that no matter what happened to the insured, the security of the future dreams and aspiration are protected and will continue to be fulfilled.

Enjoying today doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect, but everything should be prepared and protected.

Decision made easier. Lives made better.

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