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Cabinet Inclusion for Manulife MediCash Rider

Manulife MediCash Rider provides cash benefit to the life insured upon hospitalization (inpatient). To enhance the coverage of Manulife MediCash Rider and provide more accessibility to our customer, we have included all cabinet facilities in Cambodia under Manulife MediCash Rider and Manulife Boribo. The campaign will be effective from Jul 4th, 2022 until further notice. 

Terms and conditions

  1. Maximum stay per admission at a cabinet facility is limited to 48 hours (2 days)
  2. Cabinet stay should be limited to In-patient care and Hospitalization must occur within twenty-four (24) hours from the onset of the Medical Condition.
  3. Hospitalization claims at Cabinet facilities will be subject to the following benefit limitations:
  • Maximum of 4 days of hospitalization per month (30 days) for the same medical condition; with interval of at least 5 days between each admission
    • Maximum of 6 days of hospitalization per month (30 days), 20 days per year, 90 days for the entire policy duration
    • Maximum of $50 daily claim amount is allowed for cabinet claims
    • No ICU care and treatment for cabinet admissions.
  1. The onset of the Medical Condition must occur after Waiting Period.


Coverage Hospitalization due to illness or accident
Daily Claim Amount Up to $200 / Day Up to $50 / Day
ICU Add 100% of Face Amount Not Applicable
Maximum of Hospitalization 20 Days or depend on the onset of the Medical Condition, whichever is shorter 2 Days
Waiting Period Illness​: 45 days after policy issue
Accident: No waiting period
Monthly Limitation Not Applicable 6 Days
Annually Limitation 90 Days 20 Days
Policy Limitation 900 Days 90 Days

Important Reminders:

  • All Cabinet claims are deducted from the general MediCash limit and payment conditions as stated in your policy provision.
  • All Cabinet claims will follow the rest of the MediCash Rider or Manulife Boribo provisions. These are, but not limited to, Renewal, Claims, Exclusions, Incontestability, etc.
  • The company reserves the right to terminate the campaign or make changes if deemed necessary without any prior notice.

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