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Words from our Customers

Ms. Khun Dalin, the 1st customer to receive the 1st Maturity Benefit in Cambodia.

Dalin Khun is the eldest sister of four brothers. She lives with her family who is running a small business in Phnom Penh. Dalin and her family decided to purchase “Manulife Education Protector”, a life insurance solution combining protection and savings for her youngest sibling’s high school education back in 2013.

Dalin said “At that time, I attended a Manulife seminar about life insurance, and I was very interested in long-term financial planning and financial protection. I started to think about savings for my youngest brother for his high school education. I went back home, discussed with my parents and then decided to start our savings journey with Manulife.” She continued, “The biggest concern we had at that time was whether we would get our money back at end of our savings term. Now after 7 years, it is really happening, and I am happy to say that we are really receiving our maturity benefit as promised. Furthermore, I’m very proud to know we’re the first Cambodian family to get the maturity benefit in Cambodia. What is very important to us is that I am able to support my brother’s high school education financially.”