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Academy of Excellence: first centre for human resource development in insurance industry

October 21, 2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Manulife Cambodia launched its Academy of Excellence with participation from high level representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Manulife, as well as many journalists. Located within the Phnom Penh Centre’s Building C, in Tonle Bassac district, the establishment of the centre is to train and develop Insurance advisor and Management development of Manulife staff.

In his opening remark at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Robert Elliott, CEO and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia said that Manulife insurance company is committed to training and developing its sales staff and managers.

“With the creation of the centre, Manulife aims to provide Cambodians with knowledge of international standards of life insurance, which it is a new field for them,” he said, hoping that through training more and more Cambodians will be equipped with a more specialized skill in support of their career development and that they will be able to provide better services with proper solution on financial and life protection for customers.

The Academy of Excellence is specially organized not only for training Cambodians to be professional in life insurance service, but also for serving as a place for them to exchange work experience and advice with regard to long-term financial planning.

According to Mr. Indren Naidoo, Senior Vice President and Regional Executive for Manulife Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, Cambodians will be able to learn new concepts of international standard insurance from the training offered by our centre. “Manulife is happy to provide an intensive training, which should enable Cambodians to become professional life insurance advisors,” he said.

H.E. Dr. Mey Vann, Director General of General Department of Financial Industry, Ministry of Economy and Finance appreciated the Manulife’s commitment and effort in putting in place the training facility with international insurance skill programme. He addressed the audience saying that Cambodians will enjoy skill training in life insurance provided by the international company with over 100 years of experience and that it helps promote organization of better social protection for Cambodian people.”

“As insurance regulator, we are proud and grateful to see continuous development and ongoing commitment of Manulife in expanding its business in Cambodia,” he said.

Since 2012, Manulife Cambodia has trained and moulded insurance advisors and with this they have gained deeper understanding with regard to how to help their families and Cambodian people protect their future finance. Aside from the development of human resources, Manulife also develops its products tailored for the actual needs of Cambodian customers.

For further information about the training of Insurance Advisors, please contact us via 023 965 999 or visit our website: