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Manulife Cambodia promotes its Products via Branded Scooters Campaign in Phnom Penh

2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Recently along the streets in Phnom Penh a group of 20 youths wearing Manulife uniform and riding Manulife scooter were spotted travelling in groups and park their vehicles at educational institutions and populated areas. They engaged in conversation with parents and guardians as well as many target customers. This campaign will lasted for 30 days from August 9 to September 4 and is organized by Manulife (Cambodia) PLC, a Canadian life insurance company with the aim of promoting awareness and introducing life insurance products to Phnom Penh dwellers.

Mr. Robert Elliott, CEO and General Manager of Manulife (Cambodia) PLC said, “This activity reflects our commitment as a world leading life insurance company to providing Cambodian people with effective solutions for future financial planning for their families. In the meantime, we also provide extensive knowledge about life insurance products that can help the customers in deciding to financially protect their families.”

“This campaign also indicates the long-term strategy of the company to continue its operation in Cambodia, especially to contribute to the development of financial industry in this country,” added Mr. Elliott.

Currently the company has three life insurance products to fulfill the needs of Cambodian families by providing them with protection plan, savings plan and education plan which is a multi-purpose saving and protection plan for child studies at high school or university level. For more information about the products or any enquiries about life insurance, please contact Manulife (Cambodia) PLC’s customer service hotline via 023 965 999.