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Secure Your Dream Home with Manulife Home Loan Protector

2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Manulife (Cambodia) PLC marks another milestone as it announces the launch of its newest life insurance product, the Manulife Home Loan Protector. This product is the latest addition to Manulife Cambodia’s portfolio of products for protection, savings, and education, providing customers with a wide range of financial solutions tailored to address their every need.

Manulife understands that owning your own home is not an easy task. This is one of the largest financial investments most people will make. Manulife makes it easier for Cambodians by providing protection from unexpected events such as total disability and death, as they pursue owning their dream home.

“Cambodian customers in the past have limited access to good financial products to protect their dream home. Today, this is no longer an issue.” said Mr. Robert Elliott, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia.

Manulife Home Loan Protector is specifically designed to protect your home loan. This product provides life insurance and total disability protection for the principal person who has taken out a mortgage loan on a residential property. Manulife Home Loan Protector provides security and assurance that your family and loved ones would not be left homeless in case of unexpected events on the principal person paying the home loan installments.

“The launch of Manulife Home Loan Protector definitely reflects our key focus and commitment to provide Cambodian customers a suite of relevant life insurance products that fit their financial needs in order to protect their family and loved ones,” Mr. Elliott added.

For more information about Manulife Home Loan Protector or any of Manulife Cambodia’s life insurance products, please contact the Customer Service Hotline: (855) 23-965-999.

Secure Your Dream Home with Manulife Home Loan Protector