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Manulife awards best sale performers

Manulife awards best sale performers

February 21, 2015, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – A total of 18 achievement awards were given to Manulife’s agency sale team members for their outstanding performances as the Company celebrated its 2014 business achievements. The achievement award is celebrated every year to appreciate sale efforts and commitment to delivering professional and quality services for Manulife’s customers.

The best sale performers were awarded for three categories of top producer, top manager and top agency manager who produced the highest number of sales for the year 2014.

Speaking at the press conference about the Manulife’s annual award ceremony, Mr. Robert Elliott, CEO and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia, highlighted that human resources are important elements of Manulife and that the company recognised agency sale members’ efforts and contribution to the company’s business success.

“I sincerely congratulate all of our outstanding performers and sincerely thank all of the agency sale members for the commitment and hard work they delivered. Their efforts and results have certainly contributed to the overall good performance of Manulife’s business in Cambodia market,” Mr. Elliott said.

As the result, the company has sold about 6,000 insurance policies worth about USD60 million since 2012. “What this means is when something happens, our customers are protected. And when these policies mature, the benefits will support their financial future,” he said.

Excited and proud to be awarded top agency manager, Mr. Cheab Sopheak said life insurance was designed to ease families’ worries about their future financial insecurities. “Life is full of surprises and nobody knows what will happen in the future. With Manulife’s services and products, Cambodian families are able to benefit a protection they can trust to secure their financial future,” he continued.

Manulife is one of the most trusted international brands with 128 years of life insurance history and major operations in Canada, United States and countries in Asia. In Cambodia, Manulife began its operations in 2012 and two years later expanded its distribution in Siem Reap. Manulife took part of Cambodia’s flagship charity event of Angkor international half marathon by being the main sponsor to contribute support for the disabled and underprivileged communities. Also, the Company established country’s first academic centre called ‘Academy of Excellence’ in partnership with the government’s ministry of economy and finance, to train Cambodian talents for professional skills in providing financial solution services.

“All of our achievements have everything to do with our efforts in raising brand awareness among the Cambodian public since the day we began our operations in Cambodia,” Mr. Elliott said.

Today, Manulife has 90% brand awareness and the brand successfully communicates with its target customers in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. “This is a remarkable achievement considering the fact that life insurance is a new concept for Cambodian people and that Manulife made its penetration in Cambodia market only recently,” he added.