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Manulife Cambodia Launches its First Digital Learning Platform for Insurance Professionals

Phnom Penh, Cambodia,​ June 28, 2021Manulife Cambodia, the first international life insurer in Cambodia, today officially launched its first digital learning platform called "Manulearn", boosting its current in-class initial training course (ITC). Manulearn is designed to equip its salesforce with the knowledge and skills to raise their productivity and professionalism to even higher levels. This hybrid ITC will further improve the quality of our insurance advisors and insurance specialists with more focus on the adoption of technology amidst the pandemic where physical interaction is often a challenge. 

In tandem, Manulife Cambodia also launched the Manulife Business Academy (MBA), a professional insurance service training centre located at its new head office (TK Central) in Phnom Penh. Both Manulearn and MBA are regional learning platforms for sales training adopted by many Manulife businesses across Asia. The MBA is a revamp of the Manulife Academy of Excellence in Cambodia, established in 2014 as the country's first training centre for life insurance professionals.

Manulearn and the MBA will serve as both in-person and digital learning platforms for insurance advisors and insurance specialists, providing them world-class tools and expertise they need to excel in their careers. While helping to develop its sales force's capacity, these learning and development initiatives will make a significant contribution to the development of human resources within Cambodia's life insurance industry. 

"Since our inception in 2012, developing talent is one of our top priorities, and our effort has been recognized every year, nationally and internationally. The establishment of Manulearn and the revamp from our Academy of Excellence to MBA is an important milestone for Manulife Cambodia. It aligns perfectly with our ambition of becoming the most digital, customer-centric global company in the industry," said Justin Helferich, CEO and General Manager of Manulife Cambodia.

Zdenek Rylich, Chief Agency Officer with Manulife Cambodia, said, "International standard insurance training and learner-driven methods, coupled with distance-learning flexibility that we have embedded into both Manulearn and MBA, will increase the effectiveness of the learning journey that our team will go through. We are very optimistic that these two initiatives will allow our insurance advisors and insurance specialists to make every day better for our customers." 

Watch the official launch of Manulife Business Academy (MBA) and Manulearn

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