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Manulife launches unique NEXT Leader Program in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – On January 15, 2021, the first international life insurance company in Cambodia, Manulife Cambodia, announced an exciting and brand-new career-progression program called “NEXT Leader Program” to build and develop more potential world-class insurance advisors to be the industry’s future leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the market. 

‘“NEXT Leader’” program aligns very well with the company’s vision – to ‘build a healthier and better financial future for Cambodian families’ and aims to train potential and high performing insurance advisors to become current and future life insurance leaders by putting extra efforts in developing human resources in the sector and bring the skills and professionalisms of our advisors to the next level. The program will offer comprehensive and professional training combined with entrepreneurship spirit and opportunity to travel around the world.

Qualified insurance advisors have to go through rigorous selection process, and the successful candidates will then start their ‘Leadership’ journey, building the right knowledge, behavior, mindset, and skill set to become full-time agency leaders with Manulife.

Zdenek Rylich, Chief Agency Officer of Manulife Cambodia said, “It is an exciting moment for all of us to introduce ‘Manulife NEXT Leader’ program to the market for the first time. The program focuses on the development of the next generation of professional leaders who want to make a big positive change to their lives and lives of many more families. My team at Manulife Cambodia is ready to share a strong Asian and global experience with local talents and we believe that NEXT Leader program will help to increase the overall quality of the life insurance industry in Cambodia.” ​

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