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Manulife Cambodia spending US$190,000 expanding the original designated amount of “Special COVID-19 Benefit” to support customers affected by COVID-19 

Phnom Penh – Manulife Cambodia is paying out US$190,000 in claims of “Special COVID-19 Benefit” to its customers and their immediate families who tested positive for COVID-19.

During the pandemic, the company announced the “Special COVID-19 Benefit” campaign to offer US$500 to customers who were diagnosed with COVID-19. This benefit was also extended to their immediate family member who tested positive for COVID-19, providing an additional US$500. This “Special COVID-19 Benefit” is offered to existing customers with no additional payment to their current premium. 

“One of our most important duties as the first international life insurance company in Cambodia is to support our customers during this time of need. The safety and wellbeing of our customers continue to be our top priority, which aligns with our vision to build a healthier and better financial future for Cambodian families,” said Mr. Justin Helferich, CEO and General Manager, Manulife Cambodia.

“Through this “Special COVID-19 Benefit”, we have received many claim requests from affected customers and paid more than US$190,000 in total, which exceeded the original designated amount,” he added.

Manulife Cambodia had originally allocated a US$100,000 package for this “Special COVID-19 Benefit” under the campaign period 8 December 2020 to 30 June 2021. An additional US$90,000 was paid out in response to customer needs during this challenging time.

Manulife Cambodia had also donated US$5,000 to support the Cambodian government and Insurance Regulator of Cambodia on their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns helping communities affected by the pandemic.

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