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Manulife Commits USD $1 Million to Kiva to Drive Inclusive Economic Opportunities in Key Emerging Markets in Asia

October 4th, 2023

Cambodia – Today, Manulife and Kiva announced a partnership to provide a funding boost to microentrepreneurs and underserved communities globally with a concentrated focus in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam through a USD $1 million investment over three years. Through this commitment, Kiva will be able to increase the volume of entrepreneurs they provide with micro-financing loans across emerging markets in Asia and around the world.

Gaps in the current financial system have prevented over 1.4 billion people globally from building a better future for themselves and their families. Manulife and Kiva’s partnership is uniquely positioned to bridge these gaps and will focus on making financial solutions more accessible to small business owners and marginalized individuals through two key initiatives:

●        Increase Asia-focused lending capacity to help Kiva scale up lending partners in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam and provide financing for them to increase capacity for funding loans to aspiring microentrepreneurs.

●        Fund loans to microentrepreneurs in Asia and across the globe–an impactful solution to deploy flexible funding to small business owners through incentivizing corporate match funds or Kiva credits.

As part of the partnership, the Manulife Match Fund will be leveraged to provide capital to microentrepreneurs and underserved communities on Kiva’s crowd-funding platform, making this a simple way to distribute funds quickly and open opportunities  for individuals and communities without traditional access to financial services. Once the loans are repaid, funds return to Manulife’s Match Fund and will be distributed to new microentrepreneurs. As a revolving fund, the Manulife Match Fund with Kiva can play the crucial role of increasing the total funding available and accelerating the speed of funding loans for entrepreneurs.

This collaboration will also empower Kiva to conduct lean data studies and publish valuable insights on outcomes for borrowers, further strengthening a knowledge base for financial inclusion and ensuring that Kiva continues to help lending partners have the most beneficial outcomes for their clients.

This recent commitment from Manulife aligns with one of critical key areas of focus within Manulife’s Impact Agenda, which aims to drive inclusive economic opportunities to create a more even playing field for all. Through the partnership with Kiva, Manulife will help to accelerate the upward mobility of underrepresented groups and make financial solutions more accessible.

Sarah Chapman, Global Chief Sustainability Officer, Manulife, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Kiva, which will help entrepreneurs to unlock the financial resources they need to build thriving enterprises and transform their communities. This commitment underscores the power of blended finance in helping us reach underserved individuals and communities in key emerging markets in Asia. As this partnership unfolds, we look forward to better engaging our customers, agents, colleagues, and all our stakeholders through inspiring local activation campaigns across the region.”  

Vishal Ghotge, CEO, Kiva, commented: "Kiva is excited to partner with Manulife to expand our work to create a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives. Kiva’s model gives agency to individuals and brings systemic changes through the smallest of steps - both for partners like Manulife who want to bring about change and for entrepreneurs who need financial access to have a shot at bettering their lives. It's an honor to join hands with Manulife in pursuit of our shared vision for a more equitable financial future.”

Kiva was founded in 2005 as a crowdfunding pioneer, connecting individual lenders with entrepreneurs and communities worldwide. Over two million people have invested $2 billion in real dreams and real opportunities, spanning more than 90 countries and 4.7 million borrowers. Through Kiva, Manulife funded several loans to entrepreneurs and borrowers in Asia, including Ms. Sokkhoerun and Ms. Vanny to start or grow a business, go to school or realise their potential.

Case study 1: Supporting woman farmer to expand her business in Cambodia[1]

Ms. Sokkhoerun is a 51-year-old woman from rural Cambodia. She is married with three children and is a farmer for more than six years.

However, more competitors and insufficient capital are her major challenges. Recognizing the potential for agricultural sustainability, she made a courageous decision to take a loan of USD $1,225 to purchase more fertilizer for her farm. With the financial support, she can earn enough money to expand her business, expand her store, renovate her house, and send her children for higher education.

[1] Please refer to Kiva website for more details on the case study:

Case study 2: Helping a businesswoman in Cambodia to satisfy client’ needs, improve profits[2]

Ms. Vanny is a hardworking businesswoman dedicating her life as a grocery wholesaler. This business supports her family with all the basics and allow her children to go to school. She supplies small grocery stores in her town. Since her products are in high demand, this allows her to make good profit.

Vanny was able to successfully repay her previous loans, which helped to purchase more inventory for her wholesale grocery and beverage businesses. In hopes of further expanding her business, she has requested Kiva to loan to increase her business stock, which helps to satisfy her clients and get more profit. The loan, facilitated by Kiva’s Lending Partner, Chamroeun Microfinancing Plc, allow farmers to gain access to both business and social training services. The fund is designed so that farmers repay when they expect to receive income from their harvest, which ensures that no extra stress is put on their families’ cash flow.

[2] Please refer to Kiva website for more details on the case study: 

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