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3 Things You Must Do To Secure Your Family

Financial-Family-secure - life insurance - insight - manulife cambodia

You must have had many discussions with your partner about managing the family finances, such as where to invest your money. As your wealth grows and the kids get older, these discussions should continue because the future is uncertain. So we have come up with 3 things you should do to secure your family’s finances.

1. Invest in quality education for the children and start them young

Financial-Family-secure - life insurance - insight - manulife cambodia

Top of the list when discussing the financial direction of your family should be the children’s education. Having full-time jobs while trying to equip them with the best education possible can be a struggle, but it is undoubtedly worth it. Over the weekend, have a 1-hour homework session to help them with exercises or practice past year’s tests.

Paying for extra tuition classes, reference books, and online learning modules will help your kids to achieve the best results possible. It’s a win-win as not only are they becoming smarter but they may also qualify for the many higher education scholarships available, either those awarded by the government or in the private sector. Many of these scholarships allow you to study for a university or college degree at almost no cost to you. Higher qualifications lead to better paying jobs, thus giving your kids a head start in life.

2. Build up a strong financial cushion

Financial-Family-secure - life insurance - insight - manulife cambodia

In uncertain economic times, having an emergency fund could be the difference between a comfortable, functioning family life and a collective struggle to make ends meet. To avoid prolonged periods of financial distress, it is recommended to set up an emergency fund to cover basic living costs during long stretches of unemployment or any financial difficulty. Put in about 3 to 6 months of living expenses into the account.

You can contribute to the fund by cutting back on small luxuries such as the expensive lattes at your favourite coffee shop or dining out every Friday.

3. Invest in an insurance plan

Financial-Family-secure - life insurance - insight - manulife cambodia

Sometimes, all it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration to cause a tragic accident that could lead to hospitalisation, disability or loss of life. Furthermore, severe or critical illness can strike at anytime.

To set your mind at ease and to protect your finances, it is wise to invest in insurance plans to provide the financial support you may need. Start by checking out which plan will suit your needs now and protect your family from unwanted risks.

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