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With Manulife, Your loan will not become your family responsibility.

What is Manulife រ៉ាប់រងកម្ចី

Manulife រ៉ាប់រងកម្ចី is a credit life insurance that covers a group of life insured. It is designed to provide loan protection (both new and existing loan) and peace of mind for the Bank and customer (borrower) should the untimely death or total disability occurs before the loan is fully paid off.


Why should your business get Manulife រ៉ាប់រងកម្ចី?

  • Receive claims up to USD 30,000 or 120 million riels for paying off the bank loans on behalf of the borrowers
  • The leftover amount after paying off the bank loan will be given to the borrower or the borrower's immediate family member.
  • Death
  • Total disability
  • Borrower
  • Co-borrower
  • No matter where you are, you are covered
  • Health check-up is not required

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About this product

  • Eligible for: All banks and microfinance institutions that offer loan services
  • Coverage period: Following the loan period. (Maximum 8 years)
  • Age eligibility of borrower: 18 years old and above
  • Currency: Khmer Riel and US dollar.
  • Coverage amount: Starting from USD 2,000 or 8 million riels
  • Premium Payment Period: One-time payment
  • Type of loans: Personal loan, business loan, agriculture loan.
  • The bank can also offer financing option for the borrowers to pay the premium.

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