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What is a better day to you?

Can you re-live a worry-free life like a child again? Probably not, but a less-worry life is possible.

What is a better day to you

A typical college student might worry about the score in class. After graduation, our worries switch to whether or not we have a job or good job to support our family. Life will continue to give you different concerns at different stages and every new chapter demands a better you. Marriage allows you to live with your partner but demands you to think of two and for two. This stage of life requires you to think and act beyond not just yourself but all aspects of life for two of you like family finance, business stability or job security and housing loan etc. Have faith and life will also give your more blessing. One day you will start up your small family. Holding your first child for the first time is a priceless moment- the moment that no one could feel it but only you. You might not believe that something could so small and so adorable. Having children is a bless but it also demands a bigger responsibility from you. The efforts and sacrifices you make every day are only to exchange for a better future of our family and children.

Life is full of beautiful moments which are meant to be enjoyed. Instead of overthinking about tomorrow, today we should cherish the quality time we have with our family and love ones and do what we can to maintain every day to be as good as or better than today. How well is your preparation for tomorrow to keep every day better?

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