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5 Bedroom Changes for better sleep

Good sleep won’t just leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, it can also improve your metabolism and help stave off cravings for starchy or sweet foods. Plus getting enough of it will also reduce your chances of suffering from depression, diabetes and even heart disease!

And as last Friday was World Sleep Day, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing five bedroom changes you can make to help achieve a good night’s rest.


Lose those screens

Many people are aware that the blue-ish light from mobile, tablet and laptop screens right before bed can disturb your sleep. Avoiding them is good. Using your smartphone as your alarm clock is exactly the opposite. Buy an alarm clock and leave your mobile in the next room.

Keep it dark

Your body is built to respond to light. When it gets dark, you should naturally feel more tired, so close those curtains (use blackout curtains if you can) and remove any devices that have blinking lights. In the morning, do the exact opposite: open those curtains and let in that natural sunlight.

Breathe it in

Use essential oils or other natural scents to create a calming, sleep-inducing mood before bed.

Keep things natural

As a rule, natural fibres breathe better. So all-cotton bed sheets will aid breathability, which is especially useful as we begin to approach the hot months of the year. Avoiding synthetics can help you stay cool and achieve undisturbed sleep.

Adjust the noise level

This may sound really obvious, but try to eliminate noise in the bedroom. If you live in a really busy neighbourhood, that may mean trying out some ear plugs to shut out the sound of heavy traffic. Alternatively, if you’re someone who needs a bit of noise to find peace, embrace that by using a white noise machine, or keeping a dehumidifier on for that calming, steady hum.

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