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Kids aren't piggy banks, break the Sandwich generation chain!

Enjoying the old days comfortably and quietly without being burdened with financial problems is everyone's dream. What's more, seeing children succeed in their future lives, also completes the happiness of parents' lives in retirement. However, can our dreams be sweetly realized in the midst of various family and household needs, coupled with various risks of life that can come anytime and anywhere?

According to the 10th MISI (Manulife investor Sentiment Index) data, educational savings are the top priority of parents or investors in managing finances. Educational savings occupy even the highest portion in addition to pension savings and health costs. Another interesting fact, people are willing to owe 28% allocated for children's education while the other 34% for lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the 6th MISI (Manulife investor Sentiment Index) data shows that only 5.34% of people already have a pension plan or only about 3.3 million of the 120 million population in Indonesia who have thought about their old age. This number is very small and has the opportunity to trigger more sandwich generation phenomena. A condition, where our children will have to help finance parents who have entered retirement and at the same time also have to meet the needs of their own lives and families.

Sandwich Generation is experienced by most people in Indonesia due to various factors. One of the main things is the lack of knowledge about financial planning as well as the right investment products for the future as needed. In addition, it has become a tradition and commonplace in Indonesia when one finances family and parents simultaneously. This condition continues to repeat itself in our society and seems to be an unbroken one.

It's time for parents to change the idea that a Child Is Not a Piggy Bank. Children are under no obligation to bear the cost of parental living in the future. In addition, parents cannot expect a "return" on all the costs and liabilities they have incurred for children. Let the children succeed in the future while living happily with their families.

This Sandwich Generation chain should be cut off right now with public awareness to be financially literate and learn more about proper financial planning as early as possible. Next step, find information about financial and investment products that suit your needs and abilities. And, always remember to add an element of protection in our financial planning so that we can live quietly to achieve our dreams and aspirations without having to worry about the various risks of life that may occur. If needed, consult your financial advisor or insurance agent to help you provide the right financial solution.

It is also no less important, parents should provide financial education to the baby early on, such as saving, investing, insurance, and financial planning. The goal is for them to be familiar with the topic of finance while understanding how to manage the right finances and implement them in their daily lives from an early age.

Let's make sure children can be the next generation of financially savvy people, can enjoy life in the midst of various risks of life protected by the right insurance products, as well as the disconnection of the Sandwich Generation chain circle.

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