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Let us worry about the financial aspect, so that you can focus on your recovery

































Why you should get it?

Get the best treatment

You save to achieve your life goals, not to pay bills. We’ll pay your medical bills up to US$ 100,000 so that you can choose the best treatment.

Treat early, recover well

We cover the early stage of critical illnesses to help you get better, faster. We will pay your medical bills with 50% of the amount you are covered for, up to US$ 25,000.

Comprehensive coverage

To make your life easier, we cover up to 14 critical illness conditions, including all types of cancer.

Premium waive

In times of critical illness, you should focus on recovery. We will waive the premium until the end of the policy.



  • Early Stage: Carcinoma in situ and other early cancers specified organs
  • Major Stage: Major cancer


  • Early Stage: Insertion of a permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator / Coronary angioplasty
  • Major Stage: Heart attack / Coronary artery by-pass surgery


  • Early Stage: Cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) / Cerebral aneurysm surgery
  • Major Stage: Major stroke


  • Early Stage: Surgical Removal of One Lung
  • Major Stage: End Stage Lung Disease


  • Early Stage: Nephrectomy / Removal of one kidney
  • Major Stage: Kidney failure

Talk to our experts to plan for future medical needs!

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