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Financial helps when hospitalized


What is Manulife MediCash?

Manulife MediCash is a rider that provides guaranteed daily cash allowance to​ ease your financial burdens and make up your loss of income when you are being hospitalized due to Illness or accident. Furthermore, Manulife MediCash is equipped with a latest​ digital claim technology called EasyClaims where you can submit claim through your smart phone very easily and fast at any time.

This additional benefit can be purchased and attached to any following products:

  • Manulife Education Protector (Payor only)
  • Manulife Savings Protector

Why you should buy Manulife MediCash?

Daily cash benefits 

Daily Cash Benefit up to US$200 per day for a minimum stay of 6 hours for Ordinary hospitalization. Additional 100% of the Daily Cash Benefit is provided for treatment in the ICU

Comprehensive coverage

You are eligible to receive benefits for medical treatment at any licensed hospitals, clinics, poly clinics within Cambodia or licensed hospitals overseas.


Fast and easy claim process 

Claim can be submitted​ quickly and easily through digital platforms such as your smart phone at your convenience.

Affordable premium 

Premium is as low as US$25 annually.

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1.  What are the benefits of Manulife MediCash?

Under Manulife MediCash, you will receive: 

  • Daily Cash Benefit equals to the Face amount (from US$10 to US$200 per day) shown on your insurance policy summary for ordinary hospitalization. 
  • Additional 100% of Daily Cash Benefit is paid for hospitalization in the Daily ICU room.

This benefit is payable for hospitalization stay of a minimum of 6 hours and up to 20 days per hospitalization.  For details of the payable benefits, please refer to your supplementary contract provision.

2.  Who are eligible to purchase Manulife MediCash?

Healthy customers from 18 to 55 years old are eligible to buy this rider/additional benefit.

3.  How can I purchase Manulife MediCash?

In order to purchase Manulife MediCash, you are required to purchase one of two base products and have a bank/Wing account.

  • Manulife Savings Protector
  • Manulife Education Protector (Payor only) 
4.  When will my Manulife MediCash’s benefits be effective after purchased?

Your daily hospitalization benefits will be effective immediately after your policy is issued for hospitalization due to accident and 45 days after your policy is issued for hospitalization due to illness.

5.  If I buy this rider, is there any additional underwriting or medical check-up required?

There is NO additional underwriting requirement for Manulife MediCash beyond the standard underwriting process for Manulife Savings Protector or Manulife Education Protector.

6.  Where should I receive Medical treatment?

Manulife recommends receiving treatment at our partner institutions.

You are eligible to receive benefits for medical treatment at any licensed hospitals, clinics, poly clinics within Cambodia or licensed hospitals overseas.

7.  How can I submit my claim? 

You may proceed to submit claim related to your hospitalization expense via our EasyClaims system.

You can submit a claim in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1 : Register by filling in the below information:

  • Date of birth
  • Proof of identity: Passport/Identification Card/Birth Certificate number
  • Payment mode: by bank transfer/Wing

Step 2 : Upload required documents

  • Proof of hospitalization issued by Hospital (hospital receipts/invoices)
  • Medical certificate/Medical discharged certificate

Step 3 : Provide Contact Information

  • Enter phone number for SMS updates on your claim

Should you have any further enquiries please contact our claim team through or Customer Services at 1800-211-211 (Toll free).

8.  How long does it take to receive my claim settlement?

With completion of required documents, the valid claim payment will be paid to your registered bank account/Wing's within three (3) to five (5) working days.

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