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Financial helps when hospitalized

Why you should add this Manulife MediCash?

Daily cash benefits 

  • Daily cash benefit up to USD 200 per day for a minimum stay of 6 hours for ordinary hospitalization. 
  • Double the amount of the daily cash benefit for treatment in ICU

Comprehensive coverage

  • Hospitalization due to illnesses or accident

Fast and easy claim process 

  • Claims can be submitted​ quickly and easily through our EasyClaims at your convenience.

Worldwide coverage

  • No matter where you are, you are covered

About this additional benefit

  • Can be added to Manulife Savings Protector or Manulife Education Protector
  • Coverage period: follow your base plan
  • Age eligibility for policy owner: 18 years old and above
  • Daily coverage amount: starting from USD 10
  • Annual premium: starting from USD 20 (in addition to your base plan)
  • Type of eligible hospitals: 
    • Domestic: All public hospitals, polyclinics, and clinics
    • Overseas: All hospitals



Consultation room, cabinet, health center, health care room and overseas polyclinics/clinics are not eligible to claim the coverage amount.


Required base plans

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