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Total disability claim

Download forms: 

Claim form & authorization 

  • Note: To be completed by the valid claimant

Attended Physician’s Statement - Total disability claim 

  • Note: To be completed by the attending physician to confirm the disability of the Life Insured in permanent.   

Documents required: 

Proof of total disability

  • Note: Medical Certificate or any equivalent medical documents to confirm that Life Insured meets the definition of total disability and it is issued by licensed doctor or hospital.

Evidence of medical treatment and diagnosis documents

  • Note: All medical treatment documents such as Doctor certificate, histopathology report, and all laboratory results.

Proof of identity documents of Life Insured and Beneficiary(ies) or the person(s) claiming the benefits

  • Copies of ID/Passport with fresh-ink signature
  • Note: Will not require if it is provided previously

If the claim event caused by accident

  • Competent police/authorities report
  • Newspaper clipping (if any)