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Your children's education plan is more important than anything else. 

Paying for a good education is one of the most valuable ways to spend your money. But it is also getting more expensive. The smartest will start saving early to make sure they can comfortably fund their child through school and university. The not-so-smart will leave it to the last minute with no guarantee they will have enough. Don’t be a dunce - start saving now.

Investing for higher returns. 


If you start saving early for your child, there are two major benefits. The longer time frame allows you to save more, giving you peace of mind you are saving enough. It also means that investing your monthly savings makes sense as you are have a long-term horizon. Investing your cash in the stock market has historically produced much higher returns than leaving it in a savings account. So the earlier you start, the greater your chances of a bigger payout. As you don’t know yet where your child will study (studying in the U.S is more expensive than most countries), it’s always good to plan for higher costs.

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