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Key benefits of eContract

  • Secure information
  • Access your contract anywhere anytime
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Last long

Steps to access eContract on customer website (CWS)

Step 1: Customer received eContract SMS from “Manulife”

  • Then click on the link in SMS content

*The link in SMS will be expired after 7days. Please call to hotline 1800-211-211 for an assistant. 

Step 2: Activate the CWS account

  • Enter Date of Birth 
  • Click on Submit

*The session will expire in 15 mins if no action. Please re-click on the link in SMS.

Step 3: Create new password

  • Enter new password, Example: Manulife2012
  • Re-conform new password (must be the same as above)
  • Then click on Submit

Step 4: View/Download eContract

  • Click on  Agree in the Acknowledgement box
  • Click on Download Policy Contract

Step 1: Go to Manulife’s public website

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign In button if you are on desktop or click on profile icon if you are on mobile

Step 2: Login to CWS

  • Enter Membership Card ID, please click on "?" button for example
  • Enter Password which created during account activation
  • Then click on Log In

Step 3: Navigate to view eContract through CWS home screen

  • Click on My Policy(ies)
  • Click on the Policy number, example: 9000115527
  • Click on Policy Contract


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