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What is the best plan you will invest in your children’s future? 

Entering parenthood life is an experience can’t be described. That very moment you go into the delivery room and/or hold your baby for the first time open the new stage of your life. As you are embarking your parenting journey, you know you are going to make many adjustments to fulfil your roles and meet your children’s need as they grow and develop. Every parent shares one common goal; we all want the best for our children and will invest in anything to achieve it. What investment will you make in your children?

Even your answer is a Saving Account, priority on their health, property investment or insurance package, you cannot deny the fact that Children’s Education is absolutely a relevant component that parents consider. Securing their education is the most sustainable approach to secure their future and it is something that every parent should endeavor at all cost.

Creating an education saving account is the common practice to secure that they will be able to graduate from good college. This means that we have to do everything we could to secure a stable income. While we supposed to enjoy good moment with our children, we start to overthink about tomorrow and job security. Manulife Education Protector serves dual benefits as Saving for education and protection. The plan allows parents to dream big for their children as it  offers a guaranteed education fund that secure the goal to send your child to go to high school or university anywhere in the world, no matter what happens to you. If nothing happens, then you collect the face amount of the premium policy that you have saved to use for other purposes. Is that not a good deal to make your everyday better?

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